BECTU Conference 2003 Agenda

Below are links for the agenda of the BECTU Annual Conference 2003:
  • Summary Agenda and Standing Orders
    Summary Agenda and Standing Orders for Annual Conference.
  • Annual Conference 2003 Report of NEC (National Executive Committee):
    • Paragraphs 1-21
      The National Executive Committee, Proposition 1/03 (AP5) Collective responsibility, Obituaries, Conference, Proposition 2/03 (AP4) Non-union business, Proposition 3/03 (AP1) Venue of conference, Proposition 4/03 (AP2) Venue of conference, Proposition 5/03 (AP3) Venue of conference, Appeals Committee, Financial, Proposition 6/03 (AP15) Head office, Proposition 7/03 (AP16) Property, Proposition 8/03 (AP17) Wardour Street, Proposition 9/03 (AP18) West End drop-in centre, Proposition 10/03 (AP14) Expenditure
    • Paragraphs 22-57
      Membership, Proposition 11/03 (AP13) Membership records, Proposition 12/03 (SRS 2) Definition of paid-up member, The BECTU Staff Retirement Scheme, BECTU's staffing, Federation of Entertainment Unions, General Federation of Trade Unions, Trades Union Congress etc, Proposition 13/03 (AP19) Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, Labour Party, Proposition 14/03 (AP22) Political fund, Proposition 15/03 (AP21) Labour Party and Northern Ireland, Public policy, Proposition 16/03 (AP23) Communications Bill
    • Paragraphs 58-96
      International, Proposition 18/03 (AP24) General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), Proposition 19/03 (AP25) War in Iraq, Affiliations, Services to members, Proposition 20/03 (AP20) Northern Ireland, Stage Screen & Radio, Proposition 21/03 (AP12) Stage Screen & Radio diary
    • Paragraphs 97-147
      Health and safety, Proposition 22/03 (AP8) Health and safety officer, Proposition 23/03 (AP9) Health and safety, Training, Proposition 24/03 (SRS 1) Student membership, Proposition 25/03 (AP10) Training, Proposition 26/03 (AP11) Training, Equality, Proposition 27/03 (AP6) Women's working committee
    • Paragraphs 148-210
      Industrial overview, Arts & Entertainment division, BBC division, Independent Broadcasting division, Communications Bill, London and Regional Production divisions, Laboratories division
    • Paragraphs 211-336
      Recruitment and retention, Organising culture, Organising for Growth, Recruitment Overview, London and Regional Production divisions, Laboratories division, BBC division, Recruitment in Independent Broadcasting, Recruitment in the Arts & Entertainment division, Recruitment in the London Production division, Recruitment in the Regional Production division, Recruitment in the Laboratories and NBV/Audio Duplication division
    • Appendix A
      Propositions carried and remitted at the 2002 Conference
    • Appendix B
      Income and expenditure forecast for 2003
    • Appendix C
      Membership statistics
    • Appendix D
      Data protection: a guide for BECTU branches
    • Appendix E
      TUC statement on Iraq
    • Appendix F
      Stage Screen & Radio: editorial and financial overview
  • Nominations
    Nominations for Trustees, Appeals Committee and Standing Orders Committee 2003-2004
  • Corrections
    Corrections to BECTU Conference 2003 Agenda .

Last updated 7 May 2003