BECTU Conference 2002 Agenda

Below are links for the agenda of the BECTU Rules Revision and Annual Conference 2002:
  • Summary Agenda and Standing Orders
    Summary Agenda and Standing Orders for both the Rules Revision and Annual Conference.
  • Rules Revision Conference
    Proposed changes to the BECTU Rules.
  • Annual Conference
    Report of NEC (National Executive Committee):
    • Paragraphs 1-34
      The National Executive Committee, Obituaries, Proposition 1/02 (AP1) Location of Conference, Proposition 2/02 (AP2) Location of Conference, Financial, Membership
    • Paragraphs 35-70
      The BECTU Staff Retirement Scheme, BECTU's head office, Proposition 3/02 (AP3) Premises, Proposition 4/02 (AP4) Cost of new premises, Proposition 5/02 (AP5) Facilities for members, Interpretation of rule, Working Time Regulations, Proposition 6/02 (AP15) Working hours, The Euro and the European Union, Proposition 7/02 (AP20) The Euro, BECTU's staffing, Proportion 8/02 (AP10) Equal opportunities, General Federation of Trade Unions, Trades Union Congress etc, Proposition 9/02 (AP19) The Labour Party, International matters
    • Paragraphs 71-138
      Affiliations, Copyright, Training, Legal, Credit Unions, Mapping the membership, skillsformedia, Directors Guilds, Latin America Committee, History Project, Industrial overview, Proposition 10/02 (AP17) Poverty pay in the entertainment industry, Proposition 11/02 (AP14) Regional broadcasting
    • Paragraphs 139-192
      Recruitment and retention overview, Proposition 12/02 (AP18) Organising for Growth, Proposition 13/02 (AP6) Recruitment and retention policy, Proposition 14/02 (AP7) Recruitment
    • Paragraphs 193-271
      Research, legal and other services, Proposition 15/02 (AP16) Stakeholder pensions, Proposition 16/02 (AP9) Membership services, Health and safety, Stage Screen and Radio, Proposition 17/02 (AP8) Stage Screen and Radio, Training, Equality, Proposition 18/02 (AP13) Ageism, Proposition 19/02 (AP11) Job-sharing elected positions, Proposition 20/02 (AP12) Childcare allowance
    • Appendix A
      Annual Conference propositions 2001
    • Appendix B
      Income and expenditure forecast 2002
    • Appendix C
      TUC General Council statement on European Union
    • Appendix D
      Lifelong learning in the workplace
    • Appendix E
      Training Committee strategic work plan 2001-2002
    • Appendix F
      Recruitment and retention visits 2002
  • Nominations
    Nominations for Trustees, Appeals Committee and Standing Orders Committee 2002-2003

Last updated 26 April 2002