NEC report to Annual Conference

NEC at Conference 2001
NEC at Conference 2001
The links below are to pages reproducing the BECTU NEC report to Annual Conference 2001, along with policy propositions and amendments.
  • Introduction
    Introduction to the NEC's report to conference by General Secretary Roger Bolton.

  • Paragraphs 1-24
    The National Executive Committee, Conference, Election of President: complaint, proposition 1/01 (AP3) Election of President [alternative A], proposition 2/01 (AP4) Election of President [alternative B], Election of National Executive Committee: complaints, Financial, Membership statistics, Subscriptions, Proposition 3/01 (AP2) Subscriptions, Proposition 4/01 (AP10) BECTU's competitiveness.

  • Paragraphs 25-62
    Annual Conference, BECTU's head office, Proposition 5/01 (AP5) Head Office, ERS contract, Membership database, Data Protection Act, Proposition 6/01 (AP1) Data Protection Act 1998, Proposition 7/01 (AP17) E-mail interception, BECTU website, Proposition 8/01 (AP9) BECTU website, Communications White Paper, Proposition 9/01 (AP16) Communications White Paper, Life honorary and deceased members, Trades Union Congress, Labour Party, Proposition 10/01 (AP20) Labour Party affiliation, Proposition 11/01 AP21 Political Fund, Affiliations.

  • Paragraphs 63-113
    International, BECTU pay structure, Proposition 12/01 (AP6) Financial accountability, Working Time Regulations: BECTU-v-Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Proposition 13/01 (AP7) Increasing public awareness of trade unions, Recruitment and retention, Proposition 14/01 (AP8) Graduate membership.

  • Paragraphs 114-155
    Industrial business, Proposition 15/01 (AP13) Commissioning editors, Proposition 16/01 (AP14) Production standards.

  • Paragraphs 156-200
    Research legal and other services, Proposition 17/01 (AP11) Minimum wage, Proposition 18/01 (AP12) Working week, Proposition 19/01 (AP19) Anti trade union laws, Proposition 21/01 (AP15) Pre-production rights, Proposition 20/01 (AP18) Rail safety, Proposition 22/01 (AP23) Stakeholder pensions, Training skills and lifelong learning, Equality, Proposition 24/01 (AP24) Age discrimination, Proposition 24/01 (AP22) British Sign Language, History Project.

  • Appendix A
    Propositions carried and remitted at the 2000 Annual Conference.

  • Appendix B
    Income and expenditure forecast for 2001

  • Appendix C
    Head Office relocation business plan

  • Appendix D
    BECTU's response to the Communications White Paper

  • Appendix E
    Recruitment and retention dates 2001 regional visits

  • Appendix F
    Recruitment and retention dates 2001 London recruitment weeks

  • Nominations
    Nominations for Trustees, Appeals Committee and Standing Orders Committee 2001-02

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