NEC report to Annual Conference

The NEC at Conference 2000
The links below are to pages reproducing the BECTU NEC report to Annual Conference 2000, along with policy propositions and amendments.
  • Paragraphs 1-33
    The National Executive Committee, Conference, proposition 1/00 Conference, Election of President - complaint, Election of NEC - complaint, Assistant General Secretaries, Trustees, Finance, BECTU's head office

  • Paragraphs 34-60
    Structure Working Party, proposition 2/00 Young members, proposition 3/00 New entrant/graduate members' handbook, proposition 4/00 NUS and new entrant/graduate recruitment, proposition 5/00 Convergence, proposition 6/00 Broadcasting regulation, proposition 7/00 Technology in BECTU, life honorary and deceased members

  • Paragraphs 61-86
    Trades Union Congress, proposition 8/00 Privatisation, proposition 9/00 Members' health, proposition 10/00 NHS funding, Labour Party, proposition 11/00 Political affiliation, proposition 12/00 Financial support for the Labour Party, proposition 13/00 Affiliation to the Labour Party, proposition 14/00 Labour Candidate for London Mayor, International, proposition 15/00 The global animation industry, Affiliations, the BECTU banner, relations with the NUJ, proposition 16/00 Amalgamation with the NUJ, proposition 17/00 Competiveness with other unions, Federation of Entertainment Unions

  • Paragraphs 87-139
    Membership and records, health and safety/equality consistency, Training officer, BECTU staff, The Davies Committee Report, Working Time Regulations, proposition 18/00 Working Time Regulations, Research, legal services, members services, tax, proposition 19/00 Equitable remuneration right, journal, Equality Committee, National Health and Safety Committee, proposition 20/00 Production safety plans

  • Paragraphs 140-192
    Training Committee, proposition 21/00 Competent personnel, Skillsbase, History Project, recruitment and retention, recruitment and retention in the BBC, IB and A&E Divisions, proposition 22/00 Transfer of Undertaking Regulations, Arts&Entertainment

  • Paragraphs 193-221
    BBC Division, IB Division, recruitment and retention in the LPD RPD and Labs Divisions, proposition 23/00 The minimum wage, proposition 24/00 The minimum wage, proposition 25/00 On-line directory/employment services, proposition 26/00 Pensions advice

  • Paragraphs 222-253
    London Production Division, proposition 27/00 Design 'pitching', proposition 28/00 Payment on time, Regional Production Division, Laboratories Division, Area/National Committees

Last updated 11 May 2000