NEC report to Annual Conference

The links below are to pages reproducing the BECTU NEC report to Annual Conference, along with policy propositions and amendments.
  • Paragraphs 1-32
    The NEC, finance, restructuring, propositions 1/99 Assistant General Secretary, proposition 2/99 Assistant General Secretary, Structure Working Party, compromise agreements

  • Paragraphs 33-58
    New technology, proposition 3/99 technology in BECTU, subscriptions and recruitment, inter-union relations/Directors' Guild, proposition 4/99 amalgamation with the NUJ, copyright, affiliations, life honorary and deceased members

  • Paragraphs 59-105
    Working Time, Fairness at Work, proposition 5/99 closed shop, staffing, TUC and Labour Party, proposition 6/99 Political Fund, proposition 7/99 Mayor of London, international, proposition 8/99 Cuba, proposition 9/99 travel outside the UK and Ireland, Copyright Committee, History Project, Research, Legal Services, Member Services, proposition 10/99 freelance long-term savings plan, proposition 11/99 short-term savings plan for Schedule D members

  • Paragraphs 106-128
    Employment and membership, Journal, proposition 12/99 Freedom of Information Act, equality, proposition 13/99 Childcare Allowance, proposition 14/99 Stephen Lawrence Inquiry and the Anti Nazi League, proposition 15/99 Equality Matters on the website

  • Paragraphs 129-156
    National Health and Safety Committee, proposition 16/99 multiskilling, Training Committee, proposition 17/99 Training Officer, proposition 18/99 Training Officer, proposition 19/99 young members, proposition 20/99 exploitation of new entrants, BECTU Skillbase project, proposition 21/99 BECTU Skillbase project

  • Paragraphs 157-188
    BBC, Independent Broadcasting and Arts & Entertainment: recruitment overview; Arts & Entertainment Division, proposition 22/99 'job sharing' of voluntary committee posts; BBC Division; Independent Broadcasting

  • Paragraphs 189-226
    London Production, Regional Production and Labs: recruitment overview; proposition 23/99 election of freelance representatives/stewards; Laboratories; London Production; proposition 24/99 AFVPA agreement; proposition 25/99 payments through agents; proposition 26/99 objects of the union; Regional Production; proposition 27/99 BBC Pebble Mill; proposition 28/99 credits; Area Committees

Last updated 19 May 1999