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Conference stills

As promised, below are some stills from this year's Conference.

Picture of exterior of Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth

Picture of exterior of Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth

Exterior shots of the Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth - location of Conference.

Picture of Conference

Picture of Conference

Wide shots of Conference in the hotel.

Picture of Conference

Picture of Conference

Debate on communications during Conference.

Picture of Conference

Picture of Conference

Even more on communications!

(Pictures: Tony Scott)

1 May 2007 at 1900 Comments

Conference ends

Proposition 20/07 British National Party is carried.

BECTU's Black Members' Committee have given a presentation on the Move On Up events.

Following votes of thanks Conference has just closed.

28 April 2007 at 1803 Comments

Another extension

Proposition 18/07 Radio frequency auction and Proposition 19/07 Health and safety hotline are carried.

It's agreed to extend standing orders until Proposition 20 is debated and to allow for a presentation by the Black Members' Committee.

28 April 2007 at 1725 Comments

Workers' Memorial Day

Proposition 17/07 Broadcasting policy is lost, and Proposition 18/07 Radio frequency auction is carried.

John Howcroft has given a presentation on Workers' Memorial Day, including referring to BECTU's asbestos register.

28 April 2007 at 1719 Comments

Orders suspended

Proposition 16/07 Workers' rights, put foward by the NEC, is carried.

Standing orders are suspended to allow continuation of debate until 1730 (Conference was orginally scheduled to finish at 1700).

28 April 2007 at 1700 Comments

European and American perspectives

Johannes Studinger, Deputy General Secretary UNI-MEI, and Tom Short, President IATSE, have spoken to Conference as guests, looking at current trends, including the role of freelancers and large media organisations.

28 April 2007 at 1646 Comments

Support for Alan Johnston

Emergency Proposition 1/07, concerning kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston, was put forward at Conference and carried by all delegates:

This conference recognises the plight of Alan Johnston and instructs the NEC to write to his family to express solidarity and support at this difficult time.

Furthermore we instruct the NEC to make all possible representations to appropriate media organisation to encourage them to campaign for his immediate release unharmed.

It was proposed by the following Branches: Central London Engineering and Technology, Bush, IT, Central London Programmes, Manchester and North West (BBC), BBC Birmingham, RPD, BBC NE and Cumbria, FAA, ESPG, BBC Radio and Music Production, BBC Yorkshire, BBC Elstree and RM Wilson Belfast General.

28 April 2007 at 1556 Comments

Staying with Labour

The big political debates about the Labour Party has resulted in Proposition 13/07 Political affiliation and Proposition 14/07 Labour Party conference being overwhelmingly defeated, with Proposition 15/07 Labour leadership being remitted to the NEC.

28 April 2007 at 1550 Comments

Honorary membership presentations

Proposition 11/07 BECTU and the environment is carried, and Proposition 12/07 BECTU pension scheme is withdrawn.

John Handley, from the Independent Broadcasting Division, and Nigel Wolland, from Arts and Entertainment, have been awarded honorary membership.

28 April 2007 at 1531 Comments

Early afternoon update

Conference has reassembled after lunch.

Proposition 7/07 Offshoring public services has been carried - however the following have been lost:

Due to technical problems we unfortunately won't be able to post stills on the blog today - however check back after Monday when hopefully Conference will be reproduced visually in all its glory!

28 April 2007 at 1459 Comments


Proposition 3/07 Payment on time and Proposition 4/07 Payment on time have been passed.

Scottish Freelance withdraw their contribution to Proposition 5/07 Production bonds - this proposition then became AP13B:

That this annual conference should resolve that 'all' and foreign production companies must be - 'bonded'.

This was approved by Conference, which also agreed Proposition 6/07 BBC Resources sell-off.

Conference has now broken for lunch.

28 April 2007 at 1303 Comments

Ken Loach honoured

Gerry Morrissey concluded the industrial business presentations by making four points for a strategy of BECTU's growth and influence:

  • Key target areas and employers
  • Commitment by BECTU reps and staff
  • No tolerance of non-members
  • Training and support for representatives

Ken Loach has been awarded BECTU Honorary Membership and in his acceptance speech said that craft people have always have to fight for standards, that the union must recruit and target non-members and that BECTU needs a political fund to fight for the interests of members.

John Grogan MP, member of the union's Parliamentary Panel, then spoke to Conference and referred to the Ofcom looking at the relationship between ITV and Sky, the future of BBC Resources and that public service broadcasters need access to an high definition platform in the future.

Proposition 2/07 Funding of public service broadcasting has been approved by Conference.

28 April 2007 at 1250 Comments

Industrial business

NEC reports paragraphs 26-76 are being taken as a block, with a number of presentations, some by Branch Reps covering areas such as Medas, in the BBC, and the Writers Producers and Directors Branch. Brian Kelly is about to give a report on training activities run by the union over the past year.

28 April 2007 at 1128 Comments

Conference opens

Conference has opened today at Bournemouth and, following the usual formalities, new General Secretary Gerry Morrissey addressed Conference.

He said the he wanted BECTU to remain an independent union which should be led by the members - not by officials or Head Office. He said though that with this power came responsibility, and that members must be involved in expanding the membership.

Proposition 1/07 Conference venues was remitted to the NEC by Bush Branch for further consideration.

28 April 2007 at 1048 Comments

Conference agenda posted

Cover of BECTU Conference 2007 agenda cover.

The agenda for this year's Conference has now been posted.

The hard copy version (cover pictured) is currently being distributed to Branch delegates.

Enclosed with the agenda is a covering note, dated 4 April 2007, which includes the following points:

  • Delegates should ensure they’re up-to-date with BECTU subscriptions before travelling to Bournemoth. Membership status will be checked at Conference, and those who appear to be unacceptably in arrears may not be admitted.
  • Enclosed with the agenda are a delegate credential badge and, if requested, a travel warrant.
  • It is vital to keep delegate badges safe and bring them to Conference.
  • Registration takes place in the foyer of the De Vere Royal Bath Hotel 0830-0930 on Saturday 28 April 2007. All delegates must register, using the barcode on their credential badge, before they can be admitted to Conference.
  • A letter confirming hotel booking is enclosed with the agenda. Most delegates will be at the De Vere Royal Bath Hotel where Conference takes place, but overflow delegates will be at the Ramada Encore Hotel, 22 Bath Road, Bornemouth BH1 2NS, about quarter of a mile away, or the Marsham Court Hotel immediately behind the Royal Bath Hotel.
  • Legitimate expenses can be claimed at Conference using the form issued to registered delegates.
  • Delegates will need a copy of the current BECTU Rule Book (A5 size with the words "AS ALTERED 2006" on the cover) - copies will be available at Conference.
  • On Sunday 29 April 2007 the following Divisional Conferences will be held in the De Vere Royal Bath Hotel:
    • BBC Division - De Vere Suite
    • Arts & Entertainment Division - Gladstone Suite
    • Independent Broadcasting Division - Mirabelle Suite
  • Divisional Conferences take place under entirely separate standing orders, timetables and documentation.
  • Delegates to Annual Conference will normally also be delegates to their relevant Divisional Conference. Where a delegate to Annual Conference is a Divisional Committee member, an additional delegate may attend the Divisional Conference.
  • A meeting of the Regional Production Divisional delegates is scheduled to take place on Sunday in the Dorset Suite of the Marsham Court Hotel.
  • No delegates have requested creche facilities by the closing date of 13 March 2007 - therefore the creche has been cancelled this year.
9 April 2007 at 0917 Comments

Amendments and more Conference info

Conference Document 4 (2006-07), dated 16 March 2007, which has been distributed to all Branch Secretaries, contains details of the three amendments to policy propositions put forward by Branches

Here's some extracts from Conference Document 4:

Rejected propositions

As reported, the SOC [Standing Orders Committee] used its powers under rule 42(g) to reject the following propositions:

  • RP1 Members' services (Writers Producers Diectors)
  • RP2 National Officials' achievements (Bush)
  • RP3 Avoided agreements (Film Artistes)
  • RP4 Leadership of the Labour Party (BBC Radio & Music Production)

No representations have been received on these, and accordingly these propositions will not appear in the conference agenda.

It is open to branches whose propositions have been rejected to appeal to conference to overturn the SOC's decision by referring back that part of the SOC's report to conference, at conference itself. Any branch which intends to do this should inform me [Administrative Officer David Cormack] as soon as possible, so that copies of the relevant text can be prepared in advance for delegates. Please note, however, that this is disruptive, confusing and time-consuming, and branches should only do this if they feel particularly strongly about the matter.

Nominations for office 2007-2008

The following nominations were received by the closing date set by the Standing Orders Committee of 13 March 2007:

Trustees (two to be elected)

  • Dennis Claridge (14025, Labs Miscellaneous) nominated by Edinburgh Theatres
  • Deryck Lewis (79479, South Wales Freelance) nominated by Edinburgh Theatres, North Wales Freelance, South Wales Freelance, South West Freelance, Western Freelance
The number of candidates nominated is equal to the number of positions to be filled. Dennis Claridge and Deryck Lewis will therefore be elected unopposed as Trustees.

Appeals Committee (five to be elected)

  • Tony De Rance (136972, Film Artistes) nominated by Edinburgh Theatres
  • Trevor Owen (79489, Cardiff & District) nominated by Edinburgh Theatres
  • Mark Rivers (105314, Central London Engineering & Technology) nominated by Edinburgh Theatres
  • Kate Walker (83490, Glasgow Bingo) nominated by Glasgow Bingo
  • Cris Woodcock (78234, Leicester Cinemas) nominated by Edinburgh Theatres

The number of candidates nominated is equal to the number of positions to be filled. Tony De Ranee, Trevor Owen, Mark Rivers, Kate Walker and Cris Woodcock will therefore be elected unopposed as the Appeals Committee.

Standing Orders Committee (five to be elected)

  • Lorraine Dance (96948, BBC Marketing & Communication) nominated by Edinburgh Theatres, Property
  • Andy Love (101296, London Library & Archive) nominated by ESPG, BBC IT
  • Winnie Lowes (75882, Northern Freelance) nominated by Edinburgh Theatres
  • Turlough MacDaid (81261, Edinburgh Theatres) nominated by Edinburgh Theatres
  • Mike Wilson (127735, Belfast General) nominated by Belfast General

The number of candidates exceeds the number of positions to be filled. There will therefore be a ballot of delegates at conference to elect the Standing Orders Committee.

The ballot box will be opened and sealed at times to be announced by the sac during conference. Please note that only delegates actually present and voting at the annual conference can take part in the ballot: balloting in these elections is not by card vote.


It is most important that your delegates' details have by now been notified in full to head office, including disability access adjustments, diet, and other requirements. If you have not already done so, you MUST return details of your branch delegate(s) as soon as possible, using the forms enclosed with Conference Document 2. If you need extra forms contact this office without delay. Delegates who are notified late (the deadline was 13 March) may not receive the Conference Agenda on time, and it may not be possible to make travel or hotel arrangements for them.

Please make sure each delegate is up-to-date with their BECTU subscriptions: contact the head office membership department if in doubt. Members who are not paid-up are not entitled to be delegates and may be refused entry to conference.

Delegates should bring a copy of the latest BECTU Rule Book to conference. This is A5 in size and has the words AS ALTERED 2006 on the cover. If required copies can be requested now from head office, and copies will be available at conference.

Rail travel

Those delegates travelling to Bournemouth by rail will, if requested on their notification form, receive travel warrants which they should exchange for the cheapest available return rail tickets at their station of departure. This should be done sufficiently in advance to book Saver Returns or cheaper tickets. (Delegates intending to travel by air should by now have consulted on this with head office Finance staff.)

The London station of departure is Waterloo. The South West Trains website at shows timetables and ticket prices, and can be checked for any engineering works. The telephone enquiry number is 0845 6000 650 (textphone 0800 692 0792).

Most delegates not attending a divisional conference on Sunday 29 April will depart that morning. Divisional conferences are expected to end reasonably early on the Sunday, and it is assumed that nearly all remaining delegates will return home that afternoon or evening. A limited number of hotel rooms have been reserved for the night of Sunday 29 April for delegates unable to return home that evening. Delegates should ensure that I have been correctly informed about their accommodation needs.


Parking is available at the hotels in use by delegates, though delegates will be responsible for any parking charges (unless they are disabled and have a blue badge). Delegates are encouraged to use public transport, however.

Hotels and meals in Bournemouth

Most delegates will be staying in the De Vere Royal Bath Hotel, but overflow delegates will be accommodated in the Ramada Encore Hotel, 22 Bath Road, Bournemouth BH1 2NS. Delegates will be notified of their hotel when the Conference agenda is sent to them on 4 April.

All meals are being provided in Bournemouth, and meal allowances may not be claimed except for meals in transit to and from conference. A buffet dinner will be provided for all delegates in the De Vere Royal Bath Hotel on the evening of Friday 27 April.

All delegates are invited to a conference dinner followed by a disco in the De Vere Royal Bath Hotel after conference on Saturday 28 April, which will commemorate the trade union lives of Roger Bolton, Alan Sapper, John Gray and Tudor Gates.

And finally...

The 2007 annual conference takes place on Saturday 28 April in the De Vere Suite of the De Vere Royal Bath Hotel, Bath Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 2EW. The Arts & Entertainment, BBC and Independent Broadcasting divisional conferences will take place on Sunday 29 April in the same hotel. A meeting of Regional Production divisional delegates is arranged for the Sunday in the nearby Marsham Court Hotel.

17 March 2007 at 2218 Comments

All about Bournemouth

This year’s Conference is being held at the De Vere Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth.

Here’s some links to find out more about the venue and Bournemouth itself:

Any more Bournemouth online resources?

3 March 2007 at 1625 Comments

Welcome to the 2007 Conference blog

This is the opening posting of the 2007 BECTU Annual Conference blog.

It’ll report on events in the run up to and during the Conference itself.

It’s also where pictures will be posted connected with Conference - if members wish to contribute stills send them to in jpg format.

Comments can be posted on - please make comments for each posting under the appropriate subject heading - all are prefaced by [Conference blog 2007].

Here’s a list of news items posted so far on Conference 2007:

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