Amendments to policy propositions 2005

Four amendments have been submitted by Branches in response to the policy propositions. The Standing Orders Committee has not rejected any amendments.

AP9 Vacant officials' posts

That this annual conference request that the NEC reverse its decision not to fill two vacant officials posts because of the adverse effect on the workload of the remaining BBC officials and branches. The two posts should be filled because the sale of Wardour Street is proceeding so there is no financial restriction but more importantly in view of proposed BBC spending cuts and Charter Renewal BECTU must have the maximum number BBC officials to manage events over the next few years.


In first sentence, after "not to fill" delete "two" and after "BBC" insert "and LPD/RPD"; delete second sentence.

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AP10 BECTU staffing

That this annual conference deplores the recent re-allocation of duties amongst BECTU staff, which affects the effective working of the union, and which has been achieved without any consultation with divisions, branches or members. The annual conference demands an urgent review as soon as possible.

North Wales Freelance

Delete "urgent review as soon as possible" and insert "immediate review"

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AP16 Electronic communication

That this annual conference instructs the NEC to actively increase the use of electronic systems to regularly communicate with and between branches and divisions, such as monthly bulletins and mass electronic mail-outs and make lists of branch committee members available to other branch committees.

Writers Producers Directors
Amendment 1

After "with and between" insert "members,"

Post Production & Facilities
Amendment 2

Delete all after "such as monthly" and insert "and weekly e-mail bulletins and mass electronic mail-outs, advertising events, news, achievements, etc."

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AP22 Film distribution

That this annual conference instructs the Film Policy Committee to approach the government (DCMS and DTI), UK Film Council, independent cinema and commercial multiplex operators and associations to investigate and promote the case for a clearing-house to help smaller budget hits in independent cinemas cross over to audiences in bigger chains.

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After "instructs the" insert "NEC through its"

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Last updated 18 April 2005