Proposed rule changes and policy propositions 1999

Listed on this page are proposed rule changes and policy propositions submitted by Branches and the union's National Executive Committee (NEC) accepted and rejected by Conference Standing Orders Committee (SOC), along with reasons for rejection.

BECTU Branches can submit amendments to these proposals using the forms enclosed with Conference Document 2 (1998-99) dated 11 March 1999. The closing date for such amendments is 26 April 1999.

Proposed rule changes accepted by the SOC

AR1 Rule 10(ii)

Delete rule 10(ii) and replace with: "where a member can demonstrate that their earnings are substantially reduced or suspended by reason of long-term unemployment or sickness when the subscription level will be reduced to 50 pence per week;"


AR2 Rule 10(iii) [new]

Add new rule 10(iii) as follows and renumber consequentially: "where a member has been paying the unemployed subscription rate for 3 years it should be deemed that they no longer work within the scope of the union and his/her membership will automatically be lodged;"


AR3 Rule 15(b)

After "affecting their employment overseas" insert "or with regard to rights in relation to work previously done whilst in BECTU membership in the UK."


AR4 Rule 18(a)

Delete "employment" and insert "working"

National Executive Committee

AR5 Rule 18(b)

After "to receive the union's journal," insert "to have any intellectual property rights administered for them by relevant associate collecting societies or agencies of BECTU,"


AR6 Rule 19

Delete rule 19 and its title in its entirety and substitute the following:

"Rule 19 Badge of merit

The National Executive Committee shall have discretion to award a badge of merit to any member in recognition of his/her meritorious service to the union (and/or its predecessor unions). Such award shall be reported to annual conference."

National Executive Committee

AR7 Rule 19(b)

After "as an observer at his/her own expense," insert "to be co-opted on to any relevant committee,"


AR8 Rule 20

After "The award of honorary membership" insert "shall be exceptional, and". Delete final sentence and insert: "The entitlements of members awarded life or honorary membership under previous rules of BECTU or its predecessor unions shall remain."

National Executive Committee

AR9 Rule 25(a)

Delete the text of clause (a) in its entirety and insert: "The Disciplinary Subcommittee shall comprise three members of the National Executive Committee (other than General Officers), with three reserves, appointed from time to time by resolution of the National Executive Committee."


in rules 24 (b), 24(c), 25 (heading), 25(d), 26(a), Appendix A standing orders 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9, Appendix B (heading) and standing orders 1 and 8 delete "Disciplinary Committee" and "committee" where they appear and insert "Disciplinary Subcommittee";

delete rules 25(b) and 25(c) in their entirety and re-letter subsequent clauses accordingly;

in rule 26(b) delete "or Disciplinary Committee";

and in rule 28(b) delete "Disciplinary Committee of the union" and insert "Disciplinary Subcommittee of the National Executive Committee"

National Executive Committee

AR10 Rule 26(c)

Add at end: "Where a vacancy arises on the Appeals Committee it shall be filled by the unsuccessful candidate with the highest number of votes at the previous election. In the event of there being no such candidate, the General Secretary shall invite branches to nominate further candidates eligible under clause (b) above, and if more nominations are received than the number of vacancies the National Executive Committee shall determine the appointment by the drawing of lots."

National Executive Committee

AR11 Rule 31A

Delete rule 31A in its entirety. Consequentially, in rule 29(a) delete the last sentence, and in rule 31(e) delete the last sentence.

Film Artistes

AR12 Rule 32(a)

Insert at the beginning: "Where the National Executive Committee so approves, in these rules the term 'area' or 'area committee' shall where appropriate include 'nation' or 'national committee'. After "The areas" insert "(and nations as the case may be)"

Consequentially, amend the title of rule 32 to read "Areas and nations"

National Executive Committee

AR13 Rule 33(e)

After second sentence insert: "Nothing within these rules shall prevent two paid-up members of the same division being nominated as 'job-sharing' candidates to a position on the National Executive Committee."

Consequentially, in Appendix C standing order 20, in last sentence after "motion" insert: "save that in respect of 'job-sharing' representatives who are unable to agree, abstention is permissible."

Commercial West End Theatres

SOC notes that while this proposed rule change is technically admissible it leaves open several questions such as whether one or both 'job-sharing' representatives are entitled to attend and speak at NEC meetings, and whether if one leaves office the other must also, in order to create a vacancy to be filled by a by-election.

AR14 Rule 33(i)(i)

Delete "six" and insert "eight"

London Library and Archive

AR15 Rule 33(i)(ii)

Delete "ten members of the National Executive Committee" and insert "nine members or the minimum quorum of the National Executive Committee, whichever is the least"

North West Freelance

AR16 Rule 33(s)

Delete "Deputy General Secretary" and insert "Assistant General Secretaries"

Edinburgh Theatres

SOC notes that the key rule change is that proposed by the branch to rule 39

AR17 Rule 35(a)

After "and the treasurer" delete "who shall be elected in accordance with the provisions of rule 33(b)" and insert "who shall be nationally elected by the whole membership in accordance with the provisions of rule 33(h)"


in rule 33(b) after
"shall consist of" insert "the General Officers and", and delete second paragraph;

in rule 33(g) in the first sentence delete all up to and including "at the last election" and insert "Should, for any cause whatsoever, a vacancy occur among the members of the National Executive Committee, including the General Officers, the candidate selected as the second preference of the voters at the last election, according to the preferential voting system,";

in rule 33(h)(i) after "Candidate for election" insert "as President, Vice-President or Treasurer or";

in rule 33(h)(iv) add at end of the clause:
"Those arrangements shall include provision for the marking of the voting paper by the member in order of preference held for the candidates. The successful candidate will be the candidate with the highest number of first preference votes. Elections to General Officer positions will be counted first, and where the successful candidates have also been listed as first preference for divisional National Executive Committee member, this preference will be replaced in the count by the second preference listed on that ballot paper."

Make other consequential if identified.

North West Freelance

SOC notes that two distinct principles – (i) direct election of General Officers and (ii) a new preferential system of voting – have been combined in this proposed rule change

AR18 Rule 37

In each clause delete "or the Deputy General Secretary" and insert "or an official authorised by the National Executive Committee"

Edinburgh Theatres

AR19 Rule 38(b)

In the second sentence delete "and non-members"

Central London Programmes
Glasgow Theatres

AR20 Rule 38(b)

Add at end: "Nominations will be made over a maximum period of four weeks."

Glasgow Theatres

AR21 Rule 38(d) [new]

Insert new clause 38(d) as follows and re-letter accordingly: "The nomination and the voting periods shall not be longer than four weeks each." Make consequential cross-reference change in rule 39.

Central London Programmes

SOC notes that this proposed rule change would have the same effect as the changes proposed to rule 38(b) and 38(e) by the Glasgow Theatres branch

AR22 Rule 38(e)

Add at end: "Votes will be cast over a maximum period of four weeks."

Glasgow Theatres

AR23 Rule 38(e) [new]

Insert new clause (e) as follows, and re-letter following clauses accordingly: "Candidates may not be promoted, leafleted for, lobbied for or in any way publicly supported by any paid officials of BECTU who must at all times be seen to remain strictly impartial, in order to ensure that there are no possible grounds for future claims of favouritism or victimisation following an election."

North West Freelance

AR24 Rule 39

Delete the text of rule 39 in its entirety and insert:
"Upon the leaving of office by the Deputy General Secretary holding that post as at 10 June 1999, the position of Deputy General Secretary shall cease to exist."


in rule 33(s) delete "and Deputy General Secretary";

in rules 37(a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (g), (h), (i) and (j), in each clause, delete "or the Deputy General Secretary" and insert "or an official authorised by the National Executive Committee";

in rule 40(a)(ii) delete ", Deputy General Secretary";

and in Appendix C, standing order 5, delete second sentence

National Executive Committee

AR25 Rule 39

Delete the text of rule 39 in its entirety and insert:

"Assistant General Secretaries

Upon the leaving of office by the Deputy General Secretary holding that post as at 10 June 1999, the position of Deputy General Secretary shall cease to exist.

Commencing in 1999, there shall be two posts of Assistant General Secretary, which shall be elected – one by the members in the Arts & Entertainment, BBC and Independent Broadcasting divisions and one by the members in the Laboratories, London Production and Regional Production divisions. Otherwise, the procedure for election of Assistant General Secretaries will follow as nearly as may be that for the General Secretary under rule 38(b)-(h). The National Executive Committee shall determine the duties of the Assistant General Secretaries who will work to the General Secretary."

Glasgow Theatres

AR27 Rule 39

After "all subsequent Deputy General Secretaries" delete "shall be elected" and insert "or Assistant General Secretaries shall be appointed, by election or through public advertisement in line with legislation on General Equality." In second sentence delete "election of the Deputy General Secretary" and insert "elections"


AR28 Rule 40(a)

Delete "Commencing with 1993 the National Executive Committee shall convene an annual conference" and insert "Commencing with the year 2000 the National Executive Committee shall convene a biennial conference"

Consequentially, in rule 40(d) delete penultimate sentence; in rule 45(a) delete "three" and insert "four", and delete "1993" and insert "2002"; in rules 3(a), 3(c), 3(d), 9(a), 9(b)(i), 9(e), 19(b), 20, 26(a), 27(f), 31(a), 31(e), 31(m), 32(a), 33(a), 33(l), 33(o), 33(v), 34(c), 38(h), 40(c), 40(d), 40(h), 41(a), 41(b), 41(d), 42(a), 42(b), 42(d), 42(e), 42(f)(i), 42(g)(i)(ii), 42(g)(i)(iii), 42(j)(i), 45(b), Appendix D by-laws 8(a) and 9, delete "annual" and insert "biennial" and alter the indefinite article where appropriate

National Executive Committee

AR29 Rule 40(a)(ii)

Delete "Deputy General Secretary" and insert "Assistant General Secretaries"

Edinburgh Theatres

AR30 Rule 40(a)(ii)

In first sentence, after "and members of the National Executive Committee" insert "(who are not elected delegates)"

Consequentially, in rule 40(b), first sentence, delete "Members of the National Executive Committee and" and capitalise the initial letter of "paid"


AR31 Rule 40(d)

After "determine the place" insert "and date"

National Executive Committee

AR32 Rule 40(d)

Delete all following "earlier than the close of conference."

National Executive Committee

AR33 Rule 40(l)

In second sentence after "such a poll" delete "a card vote shall be taken." and insert "a count of delegates voting shall be taken."Delete third sentence.


AR34 Rule 42(e)

In second sentence after "for receiving propositions," insert "appeals with regard to rejected propositions,"


AR35 Rule 42(g)

Add at end: "Branches may submit appeals with regard to rejected propositions on the same date that amended propositions are due in."


SOC has removed the words "and sub-divisions" after "Branches": though Animation is both a branch and an LPD sub-division, only branches may submit propositions under rule 42(e) and SOC believes the inclusion of those words was accidental

Proposed rule changes rejected by the SOC

RR1 Rule 33(b)

In final paragraph delete "The National Executive Committee shall elect the President, Vice-President and Treasurer from amongst its members." and insert "Conference shall elect the President, Vice-President and Treasurer from amongst the members of the National Executive Committee."


SOC's reason for rejection: unworkable through insufficient drafting – (i) under rule 40(a) "conference" comprises more than voting delegates, and (ii) the proposed rule change is obscure on the relative timing of conference and NEC elections [see rule 40(d)]

RR2 Rule 33(e)

After first sentence insert: "Should a nominated candidate for election be rejected, the candidate may appeal to SOC, the elections may not proceed until the appeal decision has been made."


SOC's reason for rejection: not a legitimate function of the SOC under rule 42, which relates exclusively to conference proceedings

RR3 Rule 37(i)

That this annual conference urges that rule 37(i) be affirmed and confirmed that it applies to all BECTU correspondence.


SOC's reason for rejection: submitted as a proposed rule change but framed as a proposition

Propositions accepted by the SOC

AP1 Objects of the union

That this annual conference reinforces and abides by the rules as stated in rule 5 clauses (w) through to (cc)

Film Artistes

AP2 Amalgamation with the NUJ

That this annual conference instructs the General Secretary and the NEC to seek urgent talks with the National Union of Journalists with the object of seeking amalgamation between BECTU and the NUJ. Further, that should the NUJ be in support of amalgamation, a process be put in place to ensure that a Heads of Agreement or Articles of Amalgamation be prepared in time for either the next Annual Conference or for a Special Conference in 2000, with the aim of balloting the members of both unions before the end of 2000.

London Television News

AP3 Assistant General Secretary

That this annual conference is concerned that the post of Assistant General Secretary was created with seemingly little or no consultation with BECTU members. Conference therefore insists that the NEC must:
(a) justify the creation of this post at this conference
(b) seek its approval to maintain the post after a full debate.

Bush House 2
Caversham 1

AP4 Assistant General Secretary

That this annual conference notes that the quality of service afforded by BECTU to many sub-divisions and areas such as the BBC World Service has continued to decline. Conference therefore deplores any proposals which would further reduce the effectiveness or quality of officers in the field. Conference is therefore urged to reject any proposal to appoint an Assistant General Secretary and moves that officers return to the less top-heavy structure of General Secretary, Supervisory Officials and National Officers.

Bush House 2
Caversham 1

AP5 Childcare Allowance

That this annual conference instructs the NEC, in consultation with the Equality Committee, to look into the provision of expenses for childcare.

The current allowance of £10 a day, regardless of number of children and hours spent away from home, was agreed in 1991, and has never been reviewed, is totally inadequate.

At a time when the union is seeking to encourage activity in the union, the lack of increase in this allowance could be viewed as discriminatory against members with young children.

South Wales Freelance

AP6 Travel outside the UK and Ireland

That this annual conference, in view of the restrictions being placed on member democracy by the union's financial position, asks the NEC to assess the amount currently spent on travel outside the United Kingdom and Ireland, and to draw up strict criteria, setting a limited budget if necessary, to ensure that all expenditure can be fully justified to conference as essential to the interests of members.

North West Freelance

AP7 Technology in BECTU

That this annual conference instructs the NEC to recognise that the use of technology is increasingly important in industrial campaigns. Consequently e-mail, mobile phones and the internet should be introduced and used by all BECTU National Officers without further delay and used to their best advantage.

Bush House 2

AP8 'Job-sharing' of voluntary committee posts

That this annual conference agrees that any paid-up member who is elected to a voluntary post within the union shall be able to 'job-share' the post (where one position is shared jointly by two candidates who shall share the workload between them).

Any 'job-share' shall appear on a ballot paper as one position although both shall be entitled to attend and speak at meetings of the committee to which they are elected. They shall share one vote and should they disagree on any matter they will abstain from voting.

Commercial West End Theatres

AP9 Election of freelance representatives/stewards

That this annual conference requests the NEC to initiate procedures to ensure that freelance crews elect a BECTU representative/steward on all productions on which they are working.


AP10 Political fund

That this annual conference instructs the NEC to review the proportion of the political fund donated to the Labour Party in the light of its continuing reluctance to repeal anti trade union legislation. The NEC is instructed to explore the possibility of diverting more money to other political organisations in both the UK and Europe which it feels may better represent the union's interests. Additionally, the NEC should explore the possibility of using diverted funds as it feels appropriate for the purpose of raising BECTU's profile within the media industry.

Bush House 2

AP11 Mayor of London

That this annual conference calls upon BECTU nationally to condemn New Labour's undemocratic attempt to stop Labour Party members voting for Ken Livingstone to be the party's candidate for Mayor of London.

Conference resolves to support Ken Livingstone's fight to stop a stitch up of the selection of Labour's candidate for Mayor, and to write to the headquarters of the London Region of the Labour Party supporting his right to stand.

Royal Opera House

SOC has rejected as excessive argument the following text between the above two paragraphs:

… even though 9 out of 10 Londoners think he should be on the shortlist. \ We believe that Ken Livingstone should stand on a socialist platform and not accept any interference in his campaign or choice of deputy by New Labour's 'modernisers' and spin doctors.

AP12 Freedom of Information Act

That this annual conference instructs the NEC to canvass the Labour Party by whatever means it feels appropriate to ensure Labour honours its commitment to establishing a Freedom of Information Act.

Bush House 2

AP13 Closed shop

That this annual conference instructs the NEC to demand of the present government to reintroduce the union closed shop agreement which was abolished by the previous government.

Film Artistes

AP14 Freelance long-term savings plan

That this annual conference calls upon BECTU to campaign vigorously, in concert with fellow unions and other interested bodies for a thorough reform of the tax system. The object is, in general, to lift a substantial proportion of the burden from the shoulders of lower-paid workers and shift it to those who are better able to afford it: and more particularly, to address the particular problem of freelance workers.


SOC has rejected as excessive argument the following text after the above paragraph:

(1) Tax should only be levied on disposable income, i.e. that person's total income that remains after the essential costs of living have been met. (Informal research suggests that this figure would be around £10,000 to £12,000 per annum, but it would be a part of a brief to conduct a study determine more precisely what it should be.)

(2) Restoration of the right to offset the whole of the costs of capital equipment in the year of purchase, not have them spread over four years as at present. This would encourage investment generally, so might not be so costly to the government as it might seem.

(3) Extension of the exemptions given to pensions payments and tax-free savings plans: these are not much use to freelance members as they stand, because their money is tied up until the scheme matures; they can't get the money back out when they need to. The demand is for special dispensation for the self-employed, where there is similar tax exemption, so that they can get their money back after the first year. Thus, in a good year they could remove their surplus earnings from the tax net, and earn interest on them, but still get the money back when they need it. The money would only be taxed as income when it is withdrawn from the plan, which would normally be in a bad year, so it would have the effect balancing out the fluctuations of the market. Then, in the unlikely event of a run of good years, they could have the option of transferring some of the money to a normal pension fund.

AP15 Short-term savings plan for Schedule D members

That this annual conference urges that BECTU assist in setting up a short-term savings plan into which BECTU Schedule D members could deposit untaxed excess income and receive a high rate of interest. The plan would enable such members to preserve funds for years in which they may experience shortfalls in their income thus enabling them better to manage their resources. These funds could be drawn out of the fund in lean years when they would be subject to tax along with other income in that year's tax return.


AP16 Payments through agents

That this annual conference notes that without changes to DTI regulations, actors/artists cannot check the date of payment by the employers or check that the agent has paid them the correct amount an on time. Without a date of payment, actors/artists cannot claim late payment interest.

Conference therefore instructs the NEC to lobby the DTI:
(1) to allow actors/artists to claim late payment interest, reference DTI legislation "Statutory Right to Interest". Currently only agents have the right to claim this interest if they so wish to do so. Agents do not have to pass this on to the actor/artist.
(2) to make it a legal responsibility for agents to show on their remittance advice to the actor/artist the date that the agent received payment from the employer.
(3) to make it a legal responsibility, when an agent is used as the third party, for employers to send a remittance advice to the actor/artist, stating the amount paid and the date payment was sent to the agent. To make it a legal responsibility for the agent to pass this advice on, to the actor/artist.

Film Artistes

AP17 Equality Matters on the website

That this annual conference proposes that the code of practice with regard to Equality for Freelance Members, worded in the BECTU publication Equality Matters, be reflected in the composition, substance of and contributions to the BECTU website, which is viewable on the internet and accessible from the BBC BECTU office.


AP18 The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry and the Anti Nazi League

That this annual conference welcomes the report of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry and notes with concern its findings concerning the levels of racism within the police, especially in the context of the growth of racist parties in Britain and Europe. Conference therefore believes that stronger support for anti-racist organisations is needed and instructs the NEC to affiliate to the Anti Nazi League.

London Television News

AP19 Training Officer

That this annual conference instructs the NEC to appoint a Training Officer as soon as possible, and, in any case, no later than the end of 1999.

London Television News

AP20 Training Officer

That this annual conference instructs the NEC that, in view of the Deputy General Secretary's high profile in Training, and his imminent retirement, BECTU should implement the immediate appointment of the dedicated Training Officer for the union. The Deputy General Secretary and lay members have hitherto represented the union on several regional, national and international committees, representing both BECTU and the FEU. When Roy Lockett leaves the union in August 1999 it will be impossible to maintain this level of representation from existing resources which are already working at full capacity.

North Wales Freelance

AP21 BECTU Skillsbase Project

That this annual conference instructs the NEC that, in view of BECTU's current high profile in Training because of the success of Skillsbase in raising money from external sources including the TUC and Europe, it is vitally important that the union extends its support for the project. The project's sustainability has been a key factor in its funding requirements, and BECTU must address its future commitment to it if the union is to avoid a considerable loss of credibility in the wider arena.

London Television News

AP22 Multiskilling

That this annual conference:
views with concern the continued drive to multiskilling in television/film production;
recognises that in some cases technological change may justify redefinition of jobs, but believes that multiskilling is often introduced simply to drive down short-term costs;
believes that multiskilling frequently undermines health and safety through under-crewing, and by demanding that a few individuals possess knowledge of safe working practices in several disciplines;
believes that this threat to health and safety is especially acute where multiskilling is introduced not just within departments, but across departments;
calls upon the NEC to ensure that information about trends in multiskilling is shared across divisions and industrial sectors, and to co-ordinate a united union response.

Media Make-up and Hair

AP23 Young members

That this annual conference asks the NEC to investigate the possibility of the creation of some form of Young Members' Network or Forum. The aim of such a body should be to work for the recruitment, retention, representation and organisation of young people in our sector.

Film and Tape Editing

AP24 Exploitation of new entrants

That this annual conference instructs the NEC to examine the problem of new entrants to media work being exploited in terms of pay and working hours and conditions by broadcasters and production companies, with a view to launching a campaign to:
(a) inform undergraduates and graduates of the pitfalls and deceptions involved in working minimal rates and long hours;
(b) make employers aware that the union will not support any training schemes based on exploitative pay and conditions.

East Anglia Freelance

AP25 Credits

That this annual conference urges that BECTU campaign to ensure that all BECTU members of crews in film and television production are duly credited.


AP26 AFVPA agreement

That this annual conference would like to see the AFVPA agreement extended to cover all animation sub-division grades.


AP27 BBC Pebble Mill

That this annual conference notes with alarm the BBC's serious review of its occupation of Pebble Mill, the last remaining centre of production in the West Midlands. This conference believes that closure of this centre would have disastrous consequences for employment of all categories of member in the region. It therefore calls on the union to mount a campaign to urge the BBC to maintain a major production arm in England's Second City.

West Midlands Freelance

AP28 Cuba

That this annual conference:
congratulates the Cuban people on the 40th anniversary of the revolution;
celebrates the subsequent achievements in health and education unparalleled in Third World countries;
condemns the aggressive and unlawful attempts to undermine Cuban national sovereignty by the United States of America;
calls upon the British government to continue to make its opposition to the United States' economic blockade of Cuba clear through public statements and its vote at the United Nations and other international bodies and to call for the unconditional lifting of the blockade;
and instructs the NEC to seek to win support for these policies both at branch level by encouraging branches to affiliate to the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and through appropriate bodies on which the union is represented both nationally and internationally.

Central London OB Engineers

Propositions rejected by the SOC

RP1 Earned income allowance

That this annual conference would like to see BECTU lobby on members' behalf in order that the earned income allowance be brought into line with the real cost of living.

SOC's reason for rejection: obscure

RP2 Trade-offs

That this annual conference urges that BECTU refrains from knowingly doing any kind of trade-off with companies against which BECTU members have outstanding claims for monies owing to them.

SOC's reason for rejection: obscure

RP3 Correspondence in personal cases

That this annual conference proposes that copies of all correspondence between BECTU and their solicitors Thompsons (or whichever solicitor is used) on behalf of a member re their personal case be first shown to and approved by the individual member concerned. Also that copies of such correspondence be made available to the individuals concerned for their records and that this take effect immediately with regard to all current cases and back-dated with regard to all past cases on request.


SOC's reason for rejection: at variance with rule 21(c)

RP4 Affiliation to Anti Nazi League

This Conference welcomes the affiliation of BECTU to the National Assembly Against Racism, as a recognition of the important part which unions have to play in combatting the divisions between workers caused by racism.

While in the UK, nazi organisations like the BNP, whose activities lead to an increase in violent racism, have always faced fierce opposition, and are generally smaller and less successful than in some other countries – notably France - there is still the danger that support for such parties or groups can grow, particularly when disillusionment with established politics in times of economic crisis can lead people to look for scapegoats. For example, the BNP are planning to stand sufficient candidates in this year's European elections to enable them to have TV election broadcasts, and huge mailshots distributed by the Post Office.

In such a situation, the role played by grassroots organisations, exposing and combating the ideas of the nazis on the ground, is vital - as evidenced during the ousting of BNP councillor Derek Beackon from Tower Hamlets Council in London, and in the 1997 election, when activists forced Channel 4 to cancel the nazi election broadcast.

Conference therefore instructs the NEC to affiliate to the Anti Nazi League, to ensure that the union, as well as being involved in parliamentary lobbying and other campaigning, is involved in any direct action designed to prevent the spread of racism by nazi and racist organisations through the media.

IT Services

SOC's reason for rejection: received out of time

RP5 TUPE Regulations

This Conference seeks to revise the TUPE regulations as they stand and are interpreted in the UK, so that they become fair and equitable for all those who find themselves bound by the TUPE ruling. At present no element of choice exists for any incumbent to claim treatment as though being made redundant to seek alternative employment of their own desire. A TUPE transfer obviates the fact that a workers' old position is ceased and that a new post, similar if not the same, is created inside a new organisation, external to the old firm, in order to utilise her/his labour for that firms profit. Hence it is only fair and equitable that any workers future should have the consent of that worker personally and that that employee should have an option within the TUPE regulations to exercise his/her right to proper redundancy compensation with the cessation of their old post; or to accept the transfer into the other organisation as suitable alternative employment.

IT Services

SOC's reason for rejection: received out of time

Last updated 5 April 1999