Amendments to policy propositions 2008

Two amendments have been submitted by Branches in response to the policy propositions. No amendments to proposed rule alterations have been received. The Standing Orders Committee has not rejected any amendments.

AP14 Freelance fairs

That this annual conference recognises and applauds the success of BECTU's freelance fairs held in London, Bristol and Manchester. Conference proposes that BECTU provides the necessary financial and human resources required to deliver an equally successful freelance fair to be held in Cardiff during 2008/9.

South Wales Freelance


Add at end: 'We would also seek to see a freelance fair held annually in the North West in response to the development of Mediacity.'

North West Freelance

AP15 Break the link with Labour, overturn the anti-union laws

[That] This [annual] conference resolves:

  1. To withdraw all funding from the Labour party and cease this union's political affiliation with immediate effect;
  2. To use all means at the union's disposal to fight against further attacks on pay, pensions etc, even if to be effective means to defy the anti-union laws;
  3. To coordinate with other unions to build a mass campaign to defy the anti-union laws and protect the pay and conditions of all workers in Britain.

Radio & Music Production


In subclause 3, after 'anti-union laws' delete 'and' and insert 'in order to'

Radio & Music Production

Last updated 27 March 2008