Timetable issued by Conference Standing Orders Committee (SOC) for the 2008 BECTU Annual Conference.

31 January 2008 Closing date for receipt of proposed policy propositions and Rule changes by 1200 at BECTU Head Office.
7 February 2008 Proposed propositions, Rule changes, and the NEC's annual report sent to Branches, together with forms for notifying delegates and their preferences for workshop sessions.
20 March 2008 Closing date for receipt of amendments to policy propositions and Rule changes, for giving notice of intended debate on specified paragraphs of the NEC's report, and for nominations to the Standing Orders Committee, Appeals Committee and Trustees for 2008-2009 by 1200 at BECTU Head Office.
28 March 2008 Branches to notify details of their delegates in order to ensure accommodation and travel arrangements (note this deadline is a hotel requirement), delegates' workshop preferences should also be indicated.
17 April 2008 Printed Conference agenda published to notified delegates and Branches.
9 May 2008 BBC, Independent Broadcasting and Arts & Entertainment Divisional Conferences (am), Rules Revision Conference (pm) at Liverpool.
10 May 2008 Annual Conference at Liverpool.
Last updated 23 September 2007