Amendments to policy propositions 2006

Two amendments have been submitted by Branches in response to the policy propositions. The Standing Orders Committee has not rejected any amendments.

AP11 Extras' agencies

That this annual conference instructs the NEC to continue negotiations with the DTI, if necessary via the TUC, to tighten regulation of extras' agencies, and where appropriate employment agencies, with particular emphasis on the following:

  1. licencing to be reintroduced and made compulsory before any new agency is allowed to trade, and all existing agencies to be given a set time limit to register;
  2. new agencies to be vetted before allowing them to operate;
  3. enforcement of ten-day turn-around of monies paid into the agency account on behalf of extras;
  4. more stringent rules on up-front fees and commission rates, allowing for regional variations and not purely based on London, where the turnover in one day can be equal to a year's turnover in smaller areas;
  5. abolition of the practice of offering people a one-off job and deducting fees from their payment.

Scottish Freelance

Amendment (i)

Delete "and where appropriate employment agencies," and in sub-clause (d) delete all after "commission rates"

Film Artistes

Amendment (ii)

Add new sentence at end: "Conference further instructs the NEC to issue a written report on progress within six months, or to report to the next annual conference."

Scottish Freelance
Last updated 11 April 2006