Listed below are the organisations to which BECTU, a sector of Prospect with effect from 1 January 2017, is affiliated.  Our affiliations are funded either from the General Fund or from the Political Fund.

General Fund

Federation of Entertainment Unions
General Federation of Trade Unions
Irish Congress of Trade Unions
Scottish Trades Union Congress
Trades Union Congress
Union Network International - Media Entertainment International

Political Fund

(For an explanation of this fund see below).

Abortion Rights
Action for Southern Africa

Amnesty International
Arts for Labour
British Copyright Council

British Film Institute
British Screen Advisory Council
Campaign for Freedom of Information
Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom
Cuba Solidarity Campaign
Football Supporters Federation
Hands Off Venezuela
Institute of Employment Rights
Institute for Public Policy Research
International Affiliation of English Speaking Directors Organisations
International Centre for Trade Union Rights
Justice for Colombia
Labour Research Department
Mary Macarthur Holiday Trust
Mechanics Institute
National Assembly Against Racism
National Campaign for the Arts
National Pensioners Convention
Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Scottish Labour Party
Socialist Educational Association
Trade Justice Movement
Trade Union Disability Alliance
Trade Union Friends of Searchlight
Unite Against Fascism
United Campaign for the Repeal of Anti Trade Union Laws
Venezuela Information Centre  
War on Want.

How the Political Fund works

All British members of BECTU contribute to its Political Fund, unless they choose not to.

Where members choose not to contribute to the Political Fund (i.e. to contract-out) a written notice to the union from the member saying that he/she does not wish to contribute to the Fund is all that is required. Such correspondence should be sent to Tracey Hunt, administrative officer, at BECTU Head Office.

Members outside Britain (that is to say, in Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, and overseas) do not contribute to the Political Fund.

Each member who does contribute has £1.56 per annum (3p per week) of their ordinary BECTU subscription transferred to the Fund. It is not an extra levy. British members who have contracted-out are entitled to a subscription refund of £1.56 per annum.

The law requires trade unions to have a Political Fund if their aims and objectives are to include political activity and campaigning; and particularly if the effect of such activity or campaigning is to persuade people to vote or not to vote for a particular political party or candidate.

Without a Political Fund BECTU would be less able to:

  • Lobby parliament over the BBC Charter
  • Campaign on copyright and intellectual property issues
  • Lobby at Westminster and in Europe over the Services Directive
  • Press the Treasury over film tax incentives.

Last page update 4 January 2017.