New pay offer at Red Bee Media

A revised pay offer from Red Bee Media is now being considered by BECTU members.

Further talks with management last week, which involved both BECTU and the NUJ, have resulted in an improved pay offer for 2009/10.

“Management’s previous proposal for a 2.5% rise has been increased to 3%.”

Management’s previous proposal for a 2.5% rise has been increased to 3% with a further 0.5% to be made available for growth in job payments and market adjustments.

The offer is now the subject of a consultative ballot which closes on 11 September. If the amended proposal is accepted, this year’s negotiations will conclude with a two year deal.

For 2008/9 a 2.5% increase will be applied to basic rates and to unpredictability allowances, overtime, bank holiday and night payments. Bonuses for 2008/9 have been awarded based solely on individual performance and contribution to the business.

From next year, bonus payments will be dependent on Red Bee Media hitting its financial targets.

BECTU has also secured a guarantee that the performance approach to salary increases will only apply to the Creative division as long as Red Bee Media remains part of the Macquarie group.

In addition, and for as long as the current senior management remains in place, staff in Creative can expect full advance disclosure about their prospects for receiving a standard or performance revision or a bonus, starting in January 2009.

Further talks with BECTU will take place should management fail to deliver on their commitments for managing the performance element of staff pay.

Regrettably, management were not willing to agree that staff in Creative should remain part of the union’s agreed bargaining unit.

BECTU officials have confirmed that they believe that the current offer is the best that can be achieved through negotiation.

“We thank our members for their support so far and encourage them to return their ballot papers without delay.” commented one local official.

In a prior industrial action ballot, BECTU members had voted in favour of action short of strike in pursuit of a better pay offer. Members stopped short of delivering a mandate for strike action.

Friday 29 August 2008