Strike in Glasgow goes ahead

The strike on 1 August at venues run by Culture and Sport Glasgow goes ahead despite efforts to end the dispute at ACAS today.

Reporting on today’s talks at the conciliation service, ACAS, BECTU Scottish Official Paul McManus said: “Nine hours of talks later and management refused to move on a single issue.

“BECTU's negotiating team proposed compromises and alternative solutions on all six of the issues between the two sides, but management offered nothing in return.

“The BECTU team were astounded that, on two of the points in dispute, management initially denied any knowledge of the issues, despite extensive correspondence between BECTU and management on these issues.

“The strike on Friday 1 August 2008 will go ahead and will be followed by a campaign of continuing action to secure the protection our members need.” he confirmed.

More details about the planned action and on the background to this dispute.

Wednesday 30 July 2008