Freelances’ Fair 2008 “the best ever”

BECTU’s London Freelances’ Fair 2008 has been dubbed “the best ever” by some of those attending the event.

Picture of Freelance's Fair 2008 seminar

One of the Freelances’ Fair seminars (Picture: Rod Leon)

“Exciting”, “very good”, “illuminating”, “really informative”, “I wish I had done this a year ago!”- a sample of some of the overwhelmingly positive feedback on BECTU’s third Freelance Fair held at BAFTA’s HQ in London on 27 June.

Initial estimates report that some 250 new and established freelances attended the event.

Those taking part had the chance to learn more about key industry and creative challenges. Seminars titled Exploiting Content in the Digital Era, Access Europe and Directing the Actors informed and entertained audiences.

A pitching session, also led by an expert panel, provided participants with a rare opportunity to hear direct from the commissioners, the people who know what the broadcasters want.

Picture of Freelance's Fair 2008 stall

The scene at one of the Freelances’ Fair stalls (Picture: Rod Leon)

More tailored work was done in two workshops: one focussed on the process of getting a project to the screen, the other centred on the essential business skills needed to make a success of working freelance.

Tom Bell, BECTU Supervisory Official, who has worked closely with the union’s Writers, Producer and Directors Branch, whose committee has produced the Fair, said he thought the event was “the best ever; the seminars illuminated a number of tricky subjects and the Exhibition was also very well received.”

Stallholders included Skillset, Hard Dowdy, Thompsons Solicitors, the Health and Safety Executive and a host of well-regarded training and support organisations focussed on helping freelances to find work and to develop their skills.

Sunday 29 June 2008