Skillset Workforce Survey 2008

Key research by Skillset designed to identify current skills needs is now underway. The deadline for replies is Friday 30 May.

Skillset, the industry training body, has launched the Creative Media Workforce Survey 2008.

The survey is aimed at everyone working in creative media and its findings will have a major influence on how training needs are met in the period ahead.

According to Skillset, the research findings will be critical in helping to:

  • Evaluate the representation of women and minority groups in different sectors and occupations and their access to development opportunities;
  • Identify common routes of entry and progression;
  • Establish current and emerging skills development needs;
  • Identifying problems with current training provision;
  • Find out what factors are holding people back from developing and progressing in their careers.

BECTU is encouraging all of its members in television, radio, film, facilities, animation, computer games, interactive media, commercials, corporate and pop promos (or other content creation) archives, libraries and education, to take part in this survey.

“This project is relevant to a large proportion of our membership, both staff, freelance and unemployed, and will address an issue of importance to us all ie training. We work with Skillset on a number of their working groups throughout the year. Maximum, full and frank feedback from members across the country will make our work with Skillset all the more meaningful.” commented Brian Kelly, BECTU’s Training Officer.

The survey can be completed online or downloaded and returned by freepost.

Deadline for replies 30 May 2008.

Thursday 24 April 2008