Border TV comes to London

The campaign by Border TV staff to save their much-loved local news programme arrives in London today.

Picture of ITV Border campaigners

Bringing the campaign to London: (left to right) Peter Howdle, BECTU Representative, Adam Powell, NUJ Representative and Tony Steer, Border TV floor manager.

This morning, Thursday 24 April, members of the campaign team boarded a train to the capital to meet with MPs ahead of a meeting with the industry regulator Ofcom this afternoon.

Lookaround, ITV’s evening news programme for Cumbria, the South of Scotland and the Isle of Man is under threat after the company announced plans to cut £40 million from its regional news spend.

The campaigners arrive armed with high profile messages of support topped by a 9000 strong petition signed by viewers across the region.

Peter Howdle BECTU union representative said: “If these proposals go ahead the people of this region will lose their voice. What is planned will mean ITV covering a region stretching from Stranraer to Scarborough. These areas have little in common, so how can they possibly be covered adequately? We are fighting for the future of local news”.

BECTU General Secretary Gerry Morrissey has urged Ofcom to act decisively, not only to save Border TV, but the whole of ITV regional news: “It is Ofcom’s responsibility to act in the interest of the viewer and not solely in the interest of ITV.

“The industry should be urged by Ofcom to come forward with alternative proposals which ensure that local news is preserved for the future. If the current proposals [ITV's] are approved by Ofcom then the future is grim for those working in local news and the diversity of local news … will be lost forever.”

BECTU members can support the wider Save ITV News campaign by using the resources available on this site.

Thursday 24 April 2008