BECTU supports JCI’s new staff

BECTU met with JCI management this week in an attempt to resolve pay issues affecting new staff.

After agreement was reached last September it became apparent that JCI (Johnson Controls International, facilities management contractors to the BBC) were not applying the full 4% increase to staff with less than a year’s service.

This week the company explained that new staff were subject to contractual review dates on the anniversary of their joining; this despite the existence of a collective bargaining agreement which covers both staff who transferred to JCI under the TUPE transfer regulations, as well as those subsequently employed to work on the BBC contract.

JCI only revealed after they implemented the pay deal that their intention was not to extend the full award to new starters.

“BECTU offered a reasonable compromise in order to try to reach a resolution. We proposed that all staff currently on the contract and covered by last year’s agreement should be paid the full 4% increase, and that all future new starters should receive a pro rata increase until they reach the collectively agreed pay anniversary for the following year.”

“Unfortunately JCI were unwilling to agree to this proposal.” explained organising official Suresh Chawla.

BECTU will address this issue further in the 2008/9 pay round. BECTU does not want new staff to be disadvantaged when their pay is reviewed on their first anniversary.

Thursday 31 January 2008