Johnson’s reneges on pay deal

Johnson Controls has gone back on a pay deal by saying only staff with a least one year’s service will benefit.

Johnson Controls, the facilities management provider for the BBC, agreed a 4% pay deal with BECTU’s negotiating committee in October last year, to be implemented in November.

However, staff were then told that only staff with a minimum of one year’s service would receive this increase, with all other staff being given only a pro rata increase.

BECTU Organising Official Suresh Chawla said: “It’s ludicrous that having negotiated the pay offer, which we accepted after a consultative ballot, the company is now trying to shift the goalposts so that some of our members lose out. It isn’t what we agreed and it isn’t what we will accept.”

At a meeting on 22nd November BECTU informed Johnson Controls that this was unacceptable and that the matter was in dispute. Our position has been re-iterated since then in telephone calls. There has been a delay of more than two months but a meeting with the company is now due to take place on 29th January.

Members will be informed of the outcome of that meeting in due course.

Thursday 17 January 2008