Outrage over 'fat cat' Lowry salary

BECTU members have been staggered to learn that an employee at the Lowry Centre in Manchester is being paid £310,000.

“ This is a venue that relies solely on volunteers to work as ushers”

According to centre's the annual accounts an unnamed employee earns more than the Governor of the Bank of England. In addition, chief executive Julia Fawcett received a 46% pay increase, with a salary of £191,000.

Finance Director Jonathan Brabbin was unavailable for comment earlier today, but BECTU National Official Lynne Korniak commented: "If this is correct, we are staggered. This is a venue that relies solely on volunteers to work as ushers. It is grossly unfair that our members received a below-inflation pay rise last year of just 3%."

The venue, which receives money from a number of funding bodies such as Salford City Council and Arts Council England, houses L S Lowry's famous paintings plus a number of bars, restaurants and a fully-functioning theatre, which played host to the Bolshoi Ballet last year.

She went on to say, "I encourage everyone who works at the Lowry to join the union so we can get BECTU 'recognised' and force management to negotiate on behalf of staff to increase their wages."

Friday 21 December 2007